Privacy policy



I, Nadine Rinderknecht, am pleased about your visit to the Blank Sheet web pages. Since data protection is an important concern for me, I would like to briefly inform you in the following which data I collect, process and disclose from users of the Blank Sheet web pages and for what purpose within the framework of the applicable data protection regulations, and which measures have been taken to ensure the security of this data. 


1. Object of data protection

Data protection serves to protect personal data. It obliges data processors to act lawfully and gives data subjects enforceable rights with regard to the processing of their personal data. According to Article 3 letter a of the Federal Data Protection Act (FADP), personal data is any information that relates to an identified or identifiable person. Data subjects are those natural or legal persons about whom data are obtained and processed (Article 3 letter b FADP). Personal data includes, for example, details such as name, address, telephone number, e-mail or IP address.


2. Data collection, processing, storage

Each time a Blank Sheet web page is requested or accessed, the access data listed below is collected. Blank Sheet's websites are hosted by provides the online platform through which I publish my Website Blank Sheet. Your data may be stored through's data store, databases, and applications. stores your data on secure servers behind a firewall. Stored on it in a web server log file are especially:

  • the IP address of the requesting computer 

  • the page/address (URL) from which the Blank Sheet web page was requested

  • the path and name of the requested Blank Sheet web page

  • the date and time of the request 

  • the amount of data transferred

  • the access status

  • the type of access

  • the description of the type of web browser or operating system used

  • the session ID and 

  • the serial number of the requesting computer. 


This data is processed for the following purposes:     

  • Ensuring the technical administration and 

  • optimizing the use of certain web pages. 


3. Consent to further use of data

The use of certain offers on the Blank Sheet websites (e.g., contact forms, web applications) may require further collection, processing and longer-term storage of personal data such as name, address or e-mail address. By entering and sending this data, you consent to its processing.


4. Disclosure of personal data

I will disclose your personal data to third parties (e.g., authorities) only if this is required by mandatory law (e.g., official requests, court orders) or for the purpose of legal or criminal prosecution. I will not disclose your data to third parties for any other purpose.


5. Tracking settings

In order to better adapt the content structures and navigation mechanisms of the web pages to the needs of the users, the page views and the clicked elements within the pages are logged and analyzed. So-called "cookies" are used for this purpose (for information on the use and prevention of the use of such cookies, see point 6 below).


6. Cookies

Session cookies and tracking cookies may be used when Blank Sheet web pages are called up. These are small files that are stored on your computer by the Blank Sheet website you are visiting for the purpose of enabling optimal use of the web pages. Session cookies are automatically deleted when you close your web browser. Tracking cookies are permanently stored on your computer. 

You can generally prevent the use of session cookies and tracking cookies by making the appropriate settings in your web browser. However, I would like to point out that rejecting, blocking or deactivating cookies can lead to restrictions in the function of Blank Sheet web pages. 


7. Cross-references (links) to websites of other providers

This privacy policy only applies to Blank Sheet websites. As far as links (e.g., also from the Sheets) provide access to contents of other providers, I would like to ask you to observe their privacy statements. I am not responsible for the content or the privacy practices of these other providers. In particular, I can not guarantee that the content of other providers is free of malware.


8. Security

I use technical and organizational security measures to ensure that the data I collect and further process via the Blank Sheet websites remains confidential.

9. Validity

I reserve the right to change the privacy policy at any time with effect for the future, should the implementation of new technologies or the legal situation make such an adjustment necessary. Therefore, I recommend that you regularly review the privacy policy.


10. Right to information and other rights

If you wish to receive information about the personal data collected and further processed about you, or if you wish to correct, destroy or block this data, or if you have any further questions about the use of this data, please contact me: Nadine Rinderknecht,

January 1, 2019